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Keys to Success Programme

Our “Keys to Success” programme is designed to promote personal development and community pride through the recognition of achievement.  This programme is for our Year 7/8 students.  Senior students work hard throughout the last two years of their schooling to gain credits in each of the 4 main areas.  Children who achieve all four keys by the end of Year 8 will receive an “honours” recognition on their leavers certificate, have their name written on the school honours board and have a lunch out with the Principal and Deputy Principal.

This is how the system works

Academic The key is awarded to students who have earned 14 credits.

Sports This key is awarded to students who represent the school or participate in the sport, showing fair play, team spirit and commitment. 14 credits are needed.

Service Credits are awarded for honest commitment and endeavour to duties within the school. Students need 12 credits to qualify for this key.

Arts/ Cultural Credits are awarded where commitment and a positive attitude is evident. 11 credits are required for this key.

Digi Key This key can only be awarded once the children have completed their other 4 keys.  Children need to get a minimum of 10 credits to be awarded this key.  The blog credit is compulsory.


This programme is only open to Year 7 and 8 students. When students believe they have earned a credit, they must apply to the Principal or Deputy Principal who will verify it for them. Children are responsible for keeping track of their progress through their Keys to Success book. Credits carry over from Year 7 to Year 8 so a student may only have achieved half the credit in Year 7 they can then use those credits to complete the key in Year 8.  Key Books are available from the office or below.

When students have qualified for one of the keys, it will be presented at a school assembly with parents/ caregivers and family invited. If a student achieves all four keys within the two years, they will receive an HONOURS award and have their name on the Honours Board. Honours students will qualify for a lunch with the Principal and Deputy Principal.  Children who then complete the Digi Key as well will be recognised as achieving Digital Honours.