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2015 Slink Calf Collection

posted Jul 2, 2015, 2:41 PM by Kelly Auld

Slink Calf Collection

Calves for collection will be left at tanker track entrance near the RED FLAGS, calves down tanker track will be indicated on map.

Lions have requested that we do not pick up calves that have been damaged by dogs , mutilated or smelly, no hairless calves. As these contaminate the whole bin and then the Lions don't get paid. Also make sure the calves are DEAD.


Collection may commence after 10.00am.

The slink calves are to be left at the Kaupokonui metal dump [ westside of the bridge ] no later than 2.00pm.

MAF Tally Sheet

Record calf numbers alongside the Fonterra number on the MAF tally sheet provided in blue folder.  If you are collecting on the 4th day when the MAF sheet is full, put it in the letterbox at the bins.

Receipt Book

Please fill in numbers of calves. Put 2 copies from receipt book in the letterbox at the bins [ Lions copy and Office copy ].  If there are no slink calves to be collected on your day, please fill out the receipt book indicating this. So we can prove collection was done that day.

Please deliver the receipt book and the red folder to the next person on the list. If you allocated day does not suit please swap with another person.

This is a really good fundraiser for our school, and we appreciate your help.


Any queries please phone Halie Kensington-Smith 067617400 or 0279422166.
8th JulyS. Smith761740027th AugustR. Clark2745737
10th JulyA. Gibson764666929th AugustC. Sturgeon2748441
12th JulyC. Kowaleski764664431st AugustC. McQuaig2749399
14th JulyA. Danz27450002nd SeptemberW. Turnbull2748310
16th JulyR. Le Fleming27483674th SeptemberA. Hughes2745757
18th JulyR. Van Endhoven76462086th SeptemberK. Symes2748817
20th JulyJ. Feek76462938th SeptemberB. Harvie2745779
22nd JulyM. Bellve764640610th SeptemberC. Cook2745064
24th JulyL. Symes764615512th SeptemberR. Mullin2745616
26th JulyJ. Bradford764661414th SeptemberM. Grayling2745884
28th JulyB. Fowler764684716th SeptemberB. Forsyth2745095
30th JulyM. Manley274922218th SeptemberJ. Murphy0274632640
1st AugustJ. Castle027665893020th SeptemberJ. Taylor2745615
3rd AugustG. Norris274854022nd SeptemberT. Ericsson0275538700
5th AugustG. White274504924th SeptemberA. Sturgeon0276489905
7th AugustT. Olliver274838826th SeptemberG. Gargon2745005
9th AugustJ. Reader274845828th SeptemberM. Freer7618824
11th AugustM. Robinson274576930th SeptemberD. Cathie7618053
13th AugustT. Muller27450962nd OctoberD. Forlong0278588642
15th AugustS. Kalin27450084th OctoberA. Dobbin2745824
17th AugustG. Ogle27480996th OctoberR. Baldwin0278451088
19th AugustG. Elliot27484528th OctoberR.Mclachlan0278928507
21st AugustM. Poole274967010th OctoberK. Cresswell2745039
23rd AugustR. Fox274929812th OctoberVanDenBrand2749318
25th AugustC. Winter274582014th OctoberS. Smith7617400