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Cricket 2015

posted Oct 11, 2015, 7:12 PM by Jarad Chittenden   [ updated Oct 11, 2015, 7:13 PM ]


A Division Draw

B Division Draw

A Division

Senior Primary Div A Age Year 6-8
Length of Wicket 22 yards 
Game Duration * 20 overs for each side 
Start of Play * 4:00pm - 4:30; Fridays 
Boundary Size * 35 to 40 meters 

General Teams shall have not less than 7 players and not more than 10. The playing number is 8 (This is non negotiable). Umpires are the sole judge of whether play should be abandoned or suspended due to rain or unsuitable weather. In exercising such judgement the most important consideration is the health and safety of the players. Any team that cannot field at least 7 players within 15 minutes after the scheduled start of play defaults (loses) the game. A team may only second players into their team if they are genuinely and temporarily short of players. Teams may not replace available players within their team for player/s outside of their team. Any seconded players must not be from a higher grade or division and they are only allowed to play with the consent of the opposition coach. This consent should not be unreasonably withheld. Batting Maximum number of batsmen: 8 Batsmen retire immediately after the ball upon which they reach (or exceed) 100 runs UNLESS all but one of the team's other batsmen have been dismissed. Batsmen retiring upon reaching 100 can only return to bat again if all but one of the team's other batsmen have been dismissed or retired at 100. In such case if there is more than one batsmen who was retired at 100 then the retired batsmen return in the order that they were retired. Batsmen may be retired before reaching 100. If so, they may return to bat after all other team members have batted and must return to bat before any batsman who has retired at 100 returns. If there is more than one batsman who has retired before reaching 100 then such retired batsmen return in the order that they retired. The innings is complete at the end of 20 overs or earlier if all but one of the batsmen have been dismissed. If the batting team has 10 players scoring stops as soon as there have been 6 wickets. However play continues until the next wicket in order to give the 10th player a bat. The team batting second bats out its complete innings whether or not it has exceeded the oppositions score. Any batsman that scores 35+ runs must not bat in the top 4, the following game, or before the 15th over of the innings. Whatever comes first. 

This rule will not be played during the semi final or final part of the competition. 

B Division
Senior Primary Div B Age Year 6-8
Length of Wicket 18m 
Game Duration * 20 overs for each side 
Start of Play * 4:00pm - 4:30; Fridays 
Boundary Size * 35 to 40 meters 

Bowling Ball: Red, Kookaburra 142gm, leather, 2 piece. 
Overs: 6 ball maximum except for the final over only, when a maximum of two wides and/or no balls shall be re-bowled. Five overs to be bowled from each end or ten of agreed by both coaches. All players, except a player wicket keeping for the entire innings, must bowl at least 1 overs and not more than 4 overs. Coaches are encouraged to develop more than one keeper per team. No underarm bowling nor throwing. 
Fielding Maximum allowed in the field at one time: 8 All fielders (except wicketkeeper and slips) must be at least 10 meters from the batsman. Only one change of wicketkeeper per innings is allowed. 

TIME LIMITS: Each team has 70 minutes to complete its overs. If the team fielding first fails to complete its overs within time it shall complete any over started within the 70 minutes but thereafter the innings shall cease and that team shall only face the same number of overs when it bats. If the team fielding second fails to complete its overs (whether 20 or a reduced number) with 70 minutes play shall continue but the team fielding second will incur a penalty of 5 runs (to be added to the score of the team batting second) for every over not started before the 70 minutes is up. 

Cricket Rule Exceptions All NO BALL rules apply except that balls which bounce more than once before reaching the popping crease and bouncers passing above shoulder height are no balls. 

Batsmen cannot be timed out . Except as modified in these rules all other cricket rules apply including full LBW rules ( a batsmen maybe given a warning if agreed by both coaches). 

Scoring All No Balls and Wides incur 1 penalty run in addition to other runs scored. 

Fall of Wicket Penalty Runs: Any new batsman who takes more than 3 minutes to be at the wicket ready to play incurs 5 penalty runs to be added to the fielding team s score. 

Scoring continues whether or not the team batting second has exceeded the opposition score and the full score is to be submitted with results. Retirements do not count as fallen wickets. If an innings is completed within 20 overs the score is recorded as all out . 

Equipment Players MUST wear protective equipment as follows: 

Batting: Closed in shoes, 2x pads, 2x gloves, box (boys only). 

Wicket keeping: Closed in shoes, 2x pads, box (boys only), keeping gloves. 

Players are strongly encouraged to wear batting helmets. Players are encouraged to wear whites or school coloured clothing and a hat or cap when fielding. 
 Division A Team

Finn vE
John G
Peter G
Ben H
Caleb D
Matt C
Joe G
Jackson C
Astin E
 Division B Team
Mackenna C
Rico G
Fergus M
Aroha T
Ryan K
Jayden F
Ashton S
Harry G
Jonte vE
 Quade E