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Nigel Latta - School Documentary

posted Aug 6, 2014, 8:21 PM by Jarad Chittenden   [ updated Aug 23, 2014, 2:45 AM by Alidia Ericsson ]

On Tuesday night I saw a great documentary by clinical psychologist and TV personality Nigel Latta. It was a stocktake on our current education system. Nigel went into a high school and also a primary school to understand more about the modern learning environment and the educational landscape that our children are now involved in. He presented a very easy watching presentation about NCEA and the movement away from the traditional assessments and also many insightful points about National Standards. One of the schools highlighted in the piece was Point England. This is one of the schools that we took the staff on during our trip to Auckland earlier in the school year. They are a Google school and the show took you into the possibilities of not only google but also the impacts of children bringing their own device from home or (BYOD). There is also a great piece on Mathematics and the Numeracy Project. If you have the time or are really interested, it is not too late to watch the documentary. You can watch it on TV1 on Demand. I have provided the link below. Click on this with your laptop or alternatively, download the app from the app store and you can find it there. This is well worth a look into both primary and secondary schooling!

Click on the following link