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2015 MT SPA TRY_ATHLON Registrations

posted Feb 25, 2015, 4:58 PM by Kelly Auld   [ updated Mar 8, 2015, 11:21 PM by Alidia Ericsson ]



  • The 'CUP' Winning School for 2015 will be determined by an accumulation of 'participation' and 'performance' points   
  • Participation points are based on the % of the schools Y4-8 pupils participating in the event
  • Performance points are based on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place getters in each of the 4 'timed' categories 
  • The Winning School will also receive $500 Cash Prize to support their schools sporting activities
  • Each School and all Participants will receive a Certificate of Achievement
  • Spot Prizes will be drawn at Prize Giving! 


Participants must be:

  • Year 4-8
  • Competent in pool depths of 1.3m to 1.45m if Swimming (Flutter Boards will also be available)
  • Healthy & Capable / fit to complete the activity/s they have entered 


  • Event: Thursday 12th March
  • Participants can enter one category only
  • Categories - two 'Individual' and one 'Team' category. The distances are based on the age of the participant as at 1 April 2015 (Sanitarium Weet-Bix TRY Athlon criteria)
  • Times - 'Indvidual' participants will be timed for placings in their event. Teams will not be timed


  • Swim Caps to be worn for the Swim (preferred)
  • Helmets and Shoes MUST be worn throughout the Bike ride
  • Shoes to be worn for the Run/Walk (preferred)
  • Bikes and Gear cannot  be removed from the Bike Transition until the end of the event
  • Participants must stay within the marked course area and listen to marshals instructions at all times


  • Individual =<10 years old ( 2 Events - Boys and Girls)
  • Individual =>11 years old (2 Events - Boys and Girls)
  • Team - Short Course (No Age / Gender criteria)
  • Team - Long Course (No Age / Gender criteria)

Course Distance

Age as at 1 April 2015

(Individual & Team Participants)

10 Years and under/ short course

11 Years and over/long course


50m = 2 lengths

100m = 4 lengths


4km = 1 lap

8km = 2 laps


1.5km = 2 laps

1.5km = 2 laps


Teams can choose to enter the short or long course. One swimmer, one cyclist and both complete the run/walk leg

Course Details

Swim (Pool)

Opunake Community Pool - 25m Pool

Run (Off Road)

Opunake High School Field

Bike - 4km
(Road - ALL 50km Zone)

Start OHS Field onto Heaphy Rd, right onto Whitcombe Rd, left onto Ihaia Rd

Turn Point at end of 50km zone Ihaia Rd

Ihaia Rd, right onto Gisborne Tce, across Longfellow Rd onto OHS Field to finish

Bike - 8km
(Road - ALL 50km Zone)

The 4km Route extends at Gisborne Tce, right onto Longfellow Rd, right onto Whitcombe Rd, left at Ihaia to the Turn Point and back to the OHS Field via Gisborne Tce.


'MARSHALLS & HELPERS wearing high viz jackets will be positioned throughout the SWIM, BIKE and RUN/WALK course to help participants if they need it. Qualified Pool Lifeguards and 1st Aiders/ Medics and Fire Brigade will be on hand and a communication and action plan in place to manage any incidents.The Opunake Medical Center, St Johns and Police have been alerted that these events are taking place. The highest risk area is the Bike Leg so we have engaged the Fire Brigade to be stationed at Ihaia Rd and all residents along the course have been notified to take extreme care if they need to use the road during our events.


Registration Confirmation - 9am -10am

As soon as you arrive make your way to the 'CHECK IN' tent on the high school field where you will be checked off against your School list and numbered with a vivid marker on your arm and leg. This applies to Individual and all Team participants. The School Coordinator will pay the $3 entry fee as a lumpsum at this point.

Bike Transition Set Up

You can then take your Bike and Gear to the Bike Transition area on the Heaphy Road side of the High School field. There will be areas set up for each of the Category and lots of HELPERS wearing High Viz jackets to guide you. Before you leave the Bike transition ensure you take everything you need for the SWIM and leave the things you need for the Bike and Run next to your Bike. Make sure you can recognise your Bike station easily when you return!

Team Transition Set Up

A separate area will be set up for Teams at the Bike Transition. You need to ensure the Bike gear and the Swimmers running gear is set up ready for action. Note the Team Swimmer will complete the run as soon as they have tagged the cyclist.

Event Safety Briefing - 10 am

This will take place inside the Pool complex so please ensure you are there by 10.15. Please make sure you listen carefully as your safety is our priority and we want to ensure everyone has a safe fun event! You should have your swim gear on and be ready to take to the pool straight after the briefing.

Event Start - 10.15am

Swimmers will be called by Group Category starting with =>11 year old Boys / Girls, then =< 10 year old Boys / Girls, then Team events Long Course, then Short Course. You will be marshalled according to your Participant number e.g. 1101, 1102, 1103 and sent on your swim 10 seconds apart. Please ensure you move to the marshalling area quickly when your group is called.

Team Participants

Team CYCLISTS will be called into the Team Bike Transition area where they will wait next to their Bike for their team mate to tag them. When the Team SWIMMER finishes in the pool they will make their way to the Team Bike transition area and will tag the Cyclist. The Swimmer will then get ready and commence their Run/Walk . Cyclists please ensure you wait to be tagged before you start your Bike leg! 

The Finish Line

As soon as you cross the finish line after the Run/Walk leg you MUST make your way immediately to the 'TIME KEEPER' Tent so that your Time / Place can be recorded correctly. Team members we also need to check you off.

After the Event

At the end of the event your Bike will be stationed at the Longfellow Road side of the field and you may have gear on Heaphy Road side where you transitioned from the Pool to the Bike. For Safety reasons you will not be able to collect your gear from either location until the entire Event is finished.

Refuel the Body!

Ensure you eat and keep hydrated. Food and Drinks will be available for purchase. 


  • Togs, Swim Cap and Towel
  • Bike - we recommend that you have this safety checked by your local Bike specialist
  • Helmet - check that it fits correctly - helmets should fit snugly under the chin and two fingers should fit under the strap. Helmets are compulsory for all cyclists!
  • Running Shoes and Socks - Shoes are mandatory for the Bike course and and preferred for the Run/Walk!
  • Medication - if you may need it during the event 
  • Transition Area storage & flag - a named bag or Box to keep you things in and a flag or ribbon so you can easily recognise you Bike station.
  • Drink Bottle - it's very important to stay hydrated!!
  • Sunscreen & Hat - for protection against Sun/Wind burn
  • Warm Cloths / Jacket - stay warm before and after each event
  • Snack Food - either bring your own or bring cash to buy food/drinks at the event