Strategic Goals Review

Over the past few years we have been working behind the scenes to adapt our curriculum to focus on better ways we can get students to think, innovate, and problem solve. Strategic Aims are used by the BOT and staff to help keep us focused on specific areas, and we are looking to update them so these reflect the learning environment we are developing at school.

We have looked to give the new versions headings that indicate what their focus is, and we have tried to combine original ideas that say the same thing under the one heading, to make our aims more focussed.

We would like to hear your feedback about these proposed changes.

Current 2018

Strategic Aim 1:

To be responsive to children’s individual needs, with an emphasis on Numeracy and Literacy to enable progress in relation to The NZ Curriculum

Strategic Aim 2:

Empowering learners through a variety of opportunities

Strategic Aim 3:

To maximise academic outcomes for children through the focussed use of resources – personnel, property, finances.

Strategic Aim 4:

To optimise outcomes for all children (including special needs) through effective partnerships and review processes within and beyond the school

Strategic Aim 5:

To value New Zealand’s culture and heritage and diversity within the school

Proposed 2019

Strategic Aim 1:


Empower students through developing creative, confident, and engaged learners through our AKO pedagogy (see image below)

Strategic Aim 2:


Empower all students by balancing equity of opportunity and access for all, providing opportunity for students to develop their own cultural identity.

Strategic Aim 3:


Empowerment through strategic decision-making, and robust review processes

Strategic Aim 4:


Empowerment through community partnerships, and awareness of local characteristics.